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What is matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder, loaded with goodness.

We only source the highest quality matcha directly from a superior tea farm in Kyoto, Japan. Every tin of VIBRANTEA matcha is filled with a vibrant green powder and every cup has a sweet, delicate flavour.

Matcha is traditionally used as part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and has been a cultural tradition for over 1000 years. VIBRANTEA matcha is ceremonial grade quality which means it is beautifully smooth as a tea, completely on its own. But not only can you sip it... you can blend it, bake it, mix it, blitz it and swirl it into your day!

Love the kick you get from coffee? No worries! VIBRANTEA matcha gives a jitter-free, sustained buzz through caffeine teamed with Theanine. So say goodbye to that edgy coffee hit and say hello to VIBRANTEA.