Becoming a better version of yourself through others

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What does your circle of friends say about you?

Are you the “health nut” of the bunch?

Or the one encouraging others to order dessert?

Or perhaps you're somewhere in between?

The people you choose to associate with in your day-to-day life can play a significant role in your health and your life… simply by osmosis.

Consider ordering dinner in a restaurant; if you’re hanging with friends who don’t give nutrition a second thought, you’re likely to indulge/overdo it on wine/eat dessert when you wouldn’t normally. What about those “healthy” friends? If they’re ordering something lighter and more nutritious, and capping their alcohol/drinking water in between – again, you’re more likely to follow suit.

Got an exercise buddy? Getting active with a friend has been proven to be more effective than going it alone, because you can motivate one another, and keep each other accountable.

Which of your friends are smart with money? What can you learn from them?

Which are the ones who are ambitious, driven and hustling? How can you channel their energy?

Be socially connected, choose your friends wisely, and be a champion by association.

VT xx

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