Festive season or frantic season? How to cope when you feel anxious, rushed or overwhelmed

Posted by Emily Coppola on

I recently read a blog post by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. It has had such a profound impact on me that I couldn’t help but share.

You see, it’s the simplest thing. We all get caught up feeling rushed, fast, mindless, overwhelmed, jumping from one thing to the next. But rather than getting lost in these feelings, Leo says to simply notice it... and just sit with it. Notice when it’s there, as many times as you can throughout the day, and just be aware, let it be for a moment. Then consciously relax, and focus your attention on one single thing in front of you.

The first time I read this, it hit me hard. Seems so simple, doesn’t it? Be aware, let it be, stop, relax and focus.

During this crazy time of year, when people appear to compete over who is busier… how wonderfully refreshing to be the one who is feeling totally zen.

VT xx


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