How to store your matcha

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Not all matcha is created equal

Only the highest quality matcha has a sweet and earthy flavour and that gorgeous vibrant green colour. Lower grade green tea powders are duller in colour, often with a tinge of yellow or brown, and they tend to have a dull or dusty flavour, and can be bitter (similar to the green tea used in tea bags).

Whilst there are a wide range of matcha products available, there are some general rules that will help keep your matcha fresh for longer.

How to store your matcha

Matcha is very delicate; it does not like heat, light or air. Once you open your tin of matcha, store it in a sealed container in the fridge. Our tins were designed with this in mind; close the tin quickly once you’re done and return it to the fridge.

Unlike fine wine...

Matcha does not improve or develop over time, so the best time to consume it is right away! Stale matcha is no fun, so use it up relatively quickly while it's still hyper-green, fresh and vibrant.

Matcha not quite right?

If your matcha has a slightly dusty or hay-like smell, it's most likely not at its freshest. This doesn't mean that it can't be used, but simply means that it has been open for too long (and/or exposed to heat, light or air).

Stale matcha is a little like old spices; it is unlikely to harm you and can't really "go bad" or expire per say, but proper storage is the key to fostering the tea’s taste, colour, nutrients and health properties... not to mention frothability!

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