Our top 12 tips for an affordable spring detox

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It is officially spring! Time to get your life in order after a long, chilly Melbourne winter.

Rather than detoxing from a packet, we prefer to dive into our spring detox with these real life, real simple, real affordable tips:

  1. Tackle your pantry; remove anything dodgy or past its expiry date.
  2. Refresh your wardrobe; clean up, clear out, and get a kick out of donating your old stuff to charity.
  3. Get moving! Start an exercise regime if you aren’t currently active. Morning walks and stretches are the perfect place to start.
  4. Embrace fiber in your diet; a daily dose of chia seeds, ground linseeds, and flaxseeds are excellent choices, and easy to sprinkle on everything!
  5. Spend time in nature; get outside into the fresh air and surround yourself with greenery – watch how much more relaxed it will make you feel.
  6. Learn to meditate; detox your mind and get your stress under control.
  7. Focus on hydration and sleep (these two are strongly linked); drinks loads of water and get yourself to bed earlier to feel super refreshed each morning.
  8. Try Yoga or Pilates; get some twisting poses into your routine for optimal circulation and digestion.
  9. Spice it up; get friendly with powerful spices like turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom. Why not try some spices and herbs you’ve never used before!
  10. Swap your coffee addition for green tea… or even better, Vibrantea Matcha green tea powder.
  11. Go nuts; nuts are packed with amino acids and protein, have no sugar and are satiating, which makes them a perfect healthy snack.
  12. Stay connected; get in touch with a family member or reach out to an old friend and reap the positive health benefits of social connectedness.

Happy detoxing!

VT xx

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