Matcha Cocktail Recipe - Matcha Yuzu Saketeani

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Our gorgeous friends at Teatini have whipped up a beautiful cocktail containing Vibrantea Matcha. This zesty, refreshing cocktail contains yuzu sake (sake with the unique flavour of yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit) and our smooth, earthy matcha.


  • 75mL Vibrantea Matcha
  • 15mL yuzu sake (we used one is from Japan, but Dan Murphy's stock Yoshinogawa Yuzushu)
  • 30mL vodka
  • Squeeze of mandarin



1.5g/0.75tsp matcha, 100ml hot water at 90 degrees. Whisk gently and quickly, then cool to room temperature.


  1. Grab an old fashioned glass and fill with ice.
  2. Add ingredients and stir.
  3. Garnish with a slice of citrus; yuku is perfect if you can get your hands on some! Otherwise use mandarin, orange or lime.


Matcha Cocktail Picture

Our smooth, earthy matcha is available now - head to our shop to grab yours today!

VT xx

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