Self-care is a divine responsibility

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We can all be guilty of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Work, home, sleep, repeat; am I right? But it’s so incredibly important to break the cycle and take time out for you. We get so caught up trying to do things for other people that we slip into a place where we see nothing greater than what is in front of us and sometimes you just have to stop. Sacrificing your own sanity is not noble, it’s self-destructive. Believe it or not, making time for your own happiness will allow for those around you to also be happy. A wise man once said: “chill out”… so you should probably listen.

So how do we do this “chilling” thing? Well honestly, a nice warm cup of matcha is a good start. Make it carefully, and enjoy the process, and drink it slowly and mindfully. The great news is that matcha contains an amino acid called L-theanine. (I know… science *eye roll* But…) L-theanine makes you feel energised, alert and present whilst still feeling a sense of relaxation. Perfect for time out, meditation, yoga or even study.

When it comes to taking time out, we are all unique. Find what works for you to switch off from your busy schedule, relax and unwind. This might mean socialising or being outdoors for some, or reading a book or listening to music for others. I find my life to be a generally noisy place, so my ultimate time out is being in complete silence.

The important bit is to take a moment at least once each day to assess. Assess your state of mind, how you feel and what you need to keep on keeping on. Listen to your body, and listen to your mind. Work out what makes you happy on your quest to live a vibrant life.

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With love from Kristy West, Vibrantea Ambassador


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