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5 ways to be kind to yourself this autumn

Posted by Emily Coppola on

As we sadly say goodbye to the summer months, it’s time to take stock and embrace the change of season. The days are getting shorter, the temperature is falling, and here are our top five tips to stay healthy in the lead up to winter.

  1. Eat seasonal foods

Mother Nature has a very clever way of knowing exactly what your body needs throughout the year, so always buy in season. Not only is it healthier… it’s also much cheaper! Now is the time to enjoy fresh pumpkin, parsnip, sweet potato, eggplant, zucchini, beetroot and broccoli, along with apples, pears, figs, rhubarb and plums.

  1. Slow down

Life is busy, and it’s easy to let your day-to-day routine become a sprint. Autumn is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy some internal reflection. Nurture yourself by slowing down, in alignment with nature around you.

  1. Take steps to prevent cold and flu

Whether or not you choose to have a flu vaccination, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of getting ill this winter. Eat immune-boosting foods like garlic and ginger, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands regularly, and encourage your colleagues to stay home from work if they get sick (that includes you!).

  1. Embrace movement

Far too many people stop exercising when the weather cools down, and spend more time doing sedentary activities indoors. Don’t let cooler temperatures stop you from moving your body. Find a form of movement that you can maintain during autumn and winter, so you don’t fall off the wagon this year. No one wants to have to start all over again in spring!

  1. Align your lifestyle with the season

As the season shifts, give yourself permission to make appropriate changes to your lifestyle. The shorter days and longer nights are the perfect excuse to take the time to really look after yourself; spend time relaxing, read a book, indulge in some spiced chai tea or start writing that book you’ve always dreamt about writing.

VT xx


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Festive season or frantic season? How to cope when you feel anxious, rushed or overwhelmed

Posted by Emily Coppola on

I recently read a blog post by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. It has had such a profound impact on me that I couldn’t help but share.

You see, it’s the simplest thing. We all get caught up feeling rushed, fast, mindless, overwhelmed, jumping from one thing to the next. But rather than getting lost in these feelings, Leo says to simply notice it... and just sit with it. Notice when it’s there, as many times as you can throughout the day, and just be aware, let it be for a moment. Then consciously relax, and focus your attention on one single thing in front of you.

The first time I read this, it hit me hard. Seems so simple, doesn’t it? Be aware, let it be, stop, relax and focus.

During this crazy time of year, when people appear to compete over who is busier… how wonderfully refreshing to be the one who is feeling totally zen.

VT xx


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Disconnect to connect

Posted by Emily Coppola on

We’ve all seen the memes of young people sitting in a café on their phones, “socialising”. We’ve all glanced around at a bus stop or on the train to see people completely immersed in what’s on the screen of their device. Technology is such an amazing way to stay connected, and yet has the potential to be damaging to social connectedness at the same time.

This week I attended a training course and team offsite, forcing me to disconnect for four consecutive business days. Combined with the evening social events, I was offline for four days and nights straight. The result? I was fully present, I engaged with people, I listened properly in conversation, my mind didn’t wander. I felt different, my mind was more open, I had less racing thoughts, and I felt more positive about myself. I built better relationships with my peers as a result of genuine conversation, I noticed more, I felt more grateful.

Being connected online is a useful tool for both our business and personal lives. But take a keen interest in your behaviour and be aware of becoming a slave to the screen. Question how you use these tools, the amount of time you invest, and how it makes you feel.

I recently heard Carolyn Creswell speak as a thought leader on business. She shared her tip for “digital sunset”, which means turning off devices when the sun goes down. Why not give this is a go? You can switch off at sunset or perhaps 1 hour before bedtime, to allow your mind to really wind down. Or why not go one step further and challenge yourself to choose one time during the day to check your social media, with discipline and self-awareness.

The outcome could just be a better version of the real you.

VT xx


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Our top 12 tips for an affordable spring detox

Posted by Emily Coppola on

It is officially spring! Time to get your life in order after a long, chilly Melbourne winter.

Rather than detoxing from a packet, we prefer to dive into our spring detox with these real life, real simple, real affordable tips:

  1. Tackle your pantry; remove anything dodgy or past its expiry date.
  2. Refresh your wardrobe; clean up, clear out, and get a kick out of donating your old stuff to charity.
  3. Get moving! Start an exercise regime if you aren’t currently active. Morning walks and stretches are the perfect place to start.
  4. Embrace fiber in your diet; a daily dose of chia seeds, ground linseeds, and flaxseeds are excellent choices, and easy to sprinkle on everything!
  5. Spend time in nature; get outside into the fresh air and surround yourself with greenery – watch how much more relaxed it will make you feel.
  6. Learn to meditate; detox your mind and get your stress under control.
  7. Focus on hydration and sleep (these two are strongly linked); drinks loads of water and get yourself to bed earlier to feel super refreshed each morning.
  8. Try Yoga or Pilates; get some twisting poses into your routine for optimal circulation and digestion.
  9. Spice it up; get friendly with powerful spices like turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom. Why not try some spices and herbs you’ve never used before!
  10. Swap your coffee addition for green tea… or even better, Vibrantea Matcha green tea powder.
  11. Go nuts; nuts are packed with amino acids and protein, have no sugar and are satiating, which makes them a perfect healthy snack.
  12. Stay connected; get in touch with a family member or reach out to an old friend and reap the positive health benefits of social connectedness.

Happy detoxing!

VT xx

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Becoming a better version of yourself through others

Posted by Emily Coppola on

What does your circle of friends say about you?

Are you the “health nut” of the bunch?

Or the one encouraging others to order dessert?

Or perhaps you're somewhere in between?

The people you choose to associate with in your day-to-day life can play a significant role in your health and your life… simply by osmosis.

Consider ordering dinner in a restaurant; if you’re hanging with friends who don’t give nutrition a second thought, you’re likely to indulge/overdo it on wine/eat dessert when you wouldn’t normally. What about those “healthy” friends? If they’re ordering something lighter and more nutritious, and capping their alcohol/drinking water in between – again, you’re more likely to follow suit.

Got an exercise buddy? Getting active with a friend has been proven to be more effective than going it alone, because you can motivate one another, and keep each other accountable.

Which of your friends are smart with money? What can you learn from them?

Which are the ones who are ambitious, driven and hustling? How can you channel their energy?

Be socially connected, choose your friends wisely, and be a champion by association.

VT xx

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