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Our top 12 tips for an affordable spring detox

Posted by Emily Coppola on

It is officially spring! Time to get your life in order after a long, chilly Melbourne winter.

Rather than detoxing from a packet, we prefer to dive into our spring detox with these real life, real simple, real affordable tips:

  1. Tackle your pantry; remove anything dodgy or past its expiry date.
  2. Refresh your wardrobe; clean up, clear out, and get a kick out of donating your old stuff to charity.
  3. Get moving! Start an exercise regime if you aren’t currently active. Morning walks and stretches are the perfect place to start.
  4. Embrace fiber in your diet; a daily dose of chia seeds, ground linseeds, and flaxseeds are excellent choices, and easy to sprinkle on everything!
  5. Spend time in nature; get outside into the fresh air and surround yourself with greenery – watch how much more relaxed it will make you feel.
  6. Learn to meditate; detox your mind and get your stress under control.
  7. Focus on hydration and sleep (these two are strongly linked); drinks loads of water and get yourself to bed earlier to feel super refreshed each morning.
  8. Try Yoga or Pilates; get some twisting poses into your routine for optimal circulation and digestion.
  9. Spice it up; get friendly with powerful spices like turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom. Why not try some spices and herbs you’ve never used before!
  10. Swap your coffee addition for green tea… or even better, Vibrantea Matcha green tea powder.
  11. Go nuts; nuts are packed with amino acids and protein, have no sugar and are satiating, which makes them a perfect healthy snack.
  12. Stay connected; get in touch with a family member or reach out to an old friend and reap the positive health benefits of social connectedness.

Happy detoxing!

VT xx

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Green things

Posted by Emily Coppola on

How many green things can I pick out of this meal? – humans under 12

How many green things can I put into this meal? – healthy humans

How many green things can I hide in this meal? – mums (super humans)


Green powder, green tablets, green salads, green smoothies. Some greens are better than others, obviously... *cough*... Vibrantea. But what’s the deal? Do I need all the green stuff? What should I do with the green stuff? Will I even like the green stuff?

  • Supplements

Green supplements such as powders and tablets can be great, but watch out for nasties. There’s not a whole lot of point shoveling green powder into your smoothie if it’s full of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Always read the ingredients before you buy; food labels are your friend. The greatest tip when it comes to supplements (and, well, life) is if you can’t read it – don’t eat it. I’m talking about the long scientific names of additives, preservatives and chemicals, and all those confusing numbers and codes. Keep things natural.

  • Smoothies

Adding greens to your morning smoothie is an excellent idea. Doing so balances out the pH of the smoothie. Having only fruit and milk makes it extremely sweet and acidic which can be hard on the tummy. Incorporating a handful of spinach or a couple of spoons of spirulina or a good quality greens powder will not only skyrocket the amount of nutrients but it will make the overall smoothie more basic (the opposite to acidic… not uncool).

  • Salads

Salads are boring (personal but popular opinion), which is why you’ve got to make them fun and filling. Green salads are so great for you it’s a joke, and adding extras will help you sustain a healthy diet. Think roasted veggies, wholegrains, seeds, nuts, avocado, herbs and spices. If food isn’t fun you won’t want to eat it. Starting with a basic (uncool) green salad such as spinach leaves, lettuce and cucumber can be a foundation for a lot of great, healthy meals - you just need to get creative to make your salads sexy!

Recipe: My Favourite Green (but not really) Super Easy Salad


  • 1 handful of mixed green leaves
  • 1 potato
  • 1 small sweet potato
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 tbsp rice flour
  • ½ cup cooked red quinoa
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • Pink Himalayan Salt – to taste
  • Mixed herbs – to taste


  • 1 tsp tahini
  • 2 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 wedge of lemon juice
  • Boiling water

Make it:

  1. Firstly preheat the oven to 200°C. Make sure the oven is on bake (as opposed to fan bake) so you get both top and bottom heat.
  2. Peel and wash the potato, sweet potato and carrot and cut up into bite sized pieces.
  3. Put the pieces into a bowl and toss with ¼ cup of melted coconut oil. Add rice flour, salt and mixed herbs and toss until completely covered.
  4. Put the remaining ¼ cup of coconut oil into a roasting dish and put the vegetables in. Put into the oven for 1 hour or until crispy and golden brown on the outside.
  5. Now make the dressing. Put one teaspoon of tahini paste into a ramekin sized bowl. Pour over enough boiling water to loosen up the tahini so it is runny and more to the consistency of a dressing. Add 2 tsp of sesame oil and the juice of one wedge of lemon. Mix, mix, mix.
  6. Now serve! Put the mixed leaves in the bottom of a bowl followed by the red quinoa. Pour the dressing over the salad now to avoid making the roast vegetables soggy. Now put the roast vegetables of top and there it is. A not-so-basic salad.

 VT xx


 With love from Kristy West, Vibrantea Ambassador

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Feeling down? Our tips to get you out of that slump.

Posted by Josie Troise on

Life isn’t always vibrant. It’s completely normal to feel down sometimes, even for no reason at all. Don’t dwell on it; have a go at busting out of your funk with a few of these energising tricks.

Step back and self-reflect – Why do I feel like this? Is there something in particular that’s getting me down? What can I do to rectify this situation?

Do something for yourself – Paint your nails, get your eyebrows waxed, wash and style your hair, even get a massage or facial. There’s definitely truth behind the old saying “If you look good, you feel good”.

Reach out to someone – When we’re feeling down we’re naturally inclined to isolate ourselves when we should actually do the opposite. Spending time with your loved ones and friends is usually a pleasant distraction from our problems and they can usually say at least one thing to make us feel better.

Listen to music – Maybe you need to scream the lyrics to your favourite rock song to expel some angry energy or tune in to some chilled out instrumental beats to calm down. Either way, music will almost always put you in a better mood. I’ve got a go to album that I’ve turned to many times over the years when I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Surprisingly, when I listen to it now, I’m reminded of all the times that I thought I couldn’t get through and am strengthened by the knowledge that I made it.

listen to music

Breathe – Try a deep breathing exercise and throw in a positive mantra to help.

Go for a walk – Nothing says “clear your head” like a scenic walk. Step away from what’s frustrating you and you’ll quite possibly return in a better frame of mind and feeling better equipped to tackle the task at hand.

Take a nap or go to bed early – Sometimes you just need to rest and recharge. Things are always better at the start of a new day.

Focus on the positives – Be grateful for what you have. You woke up today, there are clothes on your back and you have a roof over your head. Not everyone is as lucky as you are. We’re not suggesting that your problems are unfounded or that your feelings are invalid, we’re just trying to shift your thinking from bad to good.

Give – Kindness and good deeds are definitely mood-lifters and they most certainly get your mind off yourself for a while.

Check out your biological balance – Are you eating well? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you overdoing it with alcohol or processed foods?

Prioritise – Figure out what’s most important and don’t forget that leisure time can, in the end, be just as productive as work.

Ask for help – That’s what mums and friends are for…right?!?! Don’t suffer in silence; a solution could be right in front of you and you may just need fresh eyes to see it.

Laugh – Watch a funny movie or TV show. It’s contagious!

Cry – It might sound counterproductive but if you let it all out you might be able to move on quicker.

Fake it 'til you make it – Get dressed, put on your lipstick and get to that dinner you had planned. Force yourself to do it and, although it might be hard at first, you’ll probably feel better for it.

Have a matcha – Take the time to mindfully prepare your tea, latte or smoothie and allow yourself the “me time” required to consume it. The theanine in matcha is calming and the caffeine may just give you that boost you need to jump over whatever hurdle you face.

have a matcha


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A few good reasons to bypass the supermarket

Posted by Josie Troise on

My boyfriend and I have been shopping at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne for nearly two years. We make a date of it - we usually visit on a Sunday morning before it gets too busy and grab a coffee and a snack before hitting the market stalls.  I must admit, it took a few goes before we ceased to feel overwhelmed and were happy with our choices, but now that we've got it down pat it's totally worth the drive past several big chain supermarkets.

Last week, I decided to organise a surprise for him and booked us into the two hour market tour.  We took the tour today and found it well worth the $49 each.  Our tour guide Dianne, who clearly loves the market and her job, took us around for two hours while talking about the history, the vendors and the produce.  We even sampled the wares.  It amazed us that we go there every week, sometimes more than once, but don't often stop to really take in all that is available and everything that's happening around us.

Vibrantea QVM

It got me thinking about all the reasons why it's better for us to shop at the market:

1) It's quality time that we spend together, a moment out of our busy lives and a chance to plan the week as a team.  Waaaayyyyy more enjoyable than a trip to the supermarket.

2) It's cheaper.  I can't believe it when I go to the supermarket now that I know how much things cost at the market.  A few examples: spinach and ginger are around $25 a kilo at the supermarket but only $9.99 at the market.  You can get a whole bunch of celery at the market for the price of a half at the supermarket.  Lamb chops are 1/3 of the price and the end of day fish specials can't be beaten.  If you're buying for a recipe that requires a specific amount of something, you can buy the exact amount which reduces both cost and waste.  You will learn how much things cost, skillfully avoid overpaying and take joy in spotting a bargain.

3) There are actually staff there to help you.  Recipe calling for something you've never heard of before?  Ask, and you shall receive.  Need a cheaper alternative?  Get pointed in the right direction.  Not sure how to cook something?  No worries!  They're is a specialist there to help!  The great team behind the counter at our coffee spot know our order and when you tell the staff at the cheese shop what you're cooking they'll match it with the perfect cheese.  You're buying from the owners who have a vested interest in your experience at their store.

4) Unless otherwise stated, you're buying produce from Australia.  Don't be fooled by the ethnicity of the staff, you're eating Aussie and helping out local farmers.  At Queen Vic in particular, some of the stalls have been run by the same family for over 100 years.

5) The produce is seasonal and there is a much wider variety available.  We're lucky in Australia; because of our varied climates we can eat summer foods in winter which provides us with the opportunity to eat all the vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy.  Produce that's in season is usually cheaper and helps us keep in touch with where our food comes from.  You can try something new every trip and experience the flavours of cuisines that you wouldn't normally come across otherwise. $1 bag specials will even help you to get creative and learn new recipes.


6) It promotes healthy eating.  You won't find any 2 minute noodles here!  Nor will you find frozen meals or packets of chips.  OK, there's chocolate, but dark chocolate is good for you...right? 

7) You can avoid unnecessary packaging.  Especially if you bring a trolley and re-usable containers.

8) You're part of history.  You're shopping in a heritage building where millions have shopped and traded before you.  It's exciting to see the traders change and evolve along with the demand.

9) And lastly, it's not just food on sale.  Specialty stores offer a wide variety of products that are perfect for gifts or surprises.  It's your one stop shop and a super time saver!

Give your local market a go.  It might be for you.  You might find that you like it for different reasons.  All I know is that shopping at the market is less of a chore for us than a trip to the supermarket.  Look out for us on a Sunday morning!  Hey, we'll even take you around to our favourite spots!

VT xx

Book your Queen Victoria Market Hunt & Gather Food Tour here:


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Why ditching the snooze button means investing in yourself

Posted by Emily Coppola on

We’ve all been there. The alarm goes off, and it’s just so much easier to roll over. But tomorrow morning, make a conscious decision to invest in yourself.

Starting the day with a healthy routine has so many proven benefits. I could easily launch into the enormous list of successful, healthy, happy people and their morning routines. But the only evidence you will ever need is the profound effect a morning routine will have on your life.

What should I do when I get up?

  • Set the pace for the day. Think and move slowly, and give yourself a gentle start.
  • Let in natural light. Get some natural light onto your face; the morning sun is something special.
  • Prepare your digestive system by drinking your favourite warm water recipe (lemon, ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar or your favourite combo).
  • Get into your groove by listening to music.
  • Exercise. Morning exercise is a wonderfully energising way to start the day. You don’t need to go hard or fast, you just need to go.
  • Whip up a nutritious breakfast. With a little extra time, you can make a smoothie, a protein-packed omelette, or some other delicious recipe that you would have had to skip if you were running out the door while doing your hair.
  • Get into your downward-facing dog. Bend and stretch to your heart’s content with a morning Yoga routine. If you don’t have a studio nearby (or if you simply prefer the privacy of home), there are loads of free tutorials online.
  • Goal setting. Take some time to set or review your goals, or take steps to work towards them.
  • Connect with people you love. Write a note. Send a thoughtful text. Use the time to get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to for a while.
  • Read a book or your favourite blog, purely for the enjoyment of it.
  • Get on top of some chores. Ok… no one likes them, but getting on top of chores always makes you feel good. This feeling is doubled when you do it first thing in the morning! Do some laundry, tidy up, sort out your mail or make lunches.
  • Clear your head with meditation. ‘Nuff said.
  • Plan for a successful day. Create your “MIT” list (most important tasks) or set your top three things to get done for the day.
  • Enjoy some quiet time by yourself or with your partner. No hustle and bustle. No TV. Time to completely chill out over a matcha and the newspaper.
  • Relax on an early commute. Leave the rush for everyone else and cruise to wherever you need to go. You’ll be surprised how much more relaxed your day can be by allowing extra travel time and arriving early.

If you’re not already in the habit of a morning routine, make the effort to get up and greet the day. It really is a beautiful time to be awake.

VT xx


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