Surprise and Delight - Not just a marketing tool

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Has anyone ever done something special for you to brighten your day?  Even the smallest act of kindness can change someone's mood dramatically.  Last week, a couple of my closest friends noticed that I wasn't my usual self and decided that I could use a bit of a pick-me-up.  They sent a gorgeous jar of flowers to me at work which absolutely changed my entire outlook on life.  

Two beautiful friends of mine introduced me to the idea of "Surprise and Delight" while we were working in a restaurant in Canada together.  Each week, they found ways to surprise and delight both their staff and customers.  Whether it be a home made snack in the tea room for staff or an act above and beyond their duties as a waitress for customers.  I'd never heard of the tactic before and didn't realise, until recently, that it was a widespread marketing tool used all over the world.

Companies use the idea to leave a lasting impression on their fans and potential customers.  Think flash mobs or an ad campaign about a win for an underdog.  Think surprising Beliebers with a tap on the shoulder from the heart throb himself.  I'm getting goose bumps already.

Why don't we do this more in our day to day lives for the ones we love?  Why does it have to be limited to customers and sales?  

Do you have someone who you can surprise or delight with something small this week?  

VT xx

If you're in Melbourne, Mary Mary Studio deliver little jars of happiness which are sure to brighten even the darkest winter days.  

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