Make it

To make a traditional matcha tea:

Step 1. Place 1g of VIBRANTEA matcha into a small bowl. You can measure 1g using a chashaku (bamboo scoop) or half a teaspoon.

Step 2. Using a chasen (bamboo whisk), gently press down on the powder to break up any lumps.

Step 3. Add 100ml of hot water (not boiling - 90°C is ideal).

Step 4. Use the chasen to quickly whisk the matcha, creating 'W' and 'M' shapes in the bowl. Only the highest quality matcha will form a rich foam when whisked.

Step 5. Enjoy hot or add a few ice blocks for a cooling, calming iced green tea.

Don’t be afraid to experiment... you might like more powder, more water or a shorter, stronger shot.

Once opened, VIBRANTEA matcha is best stored in the fridge. Close the tin tightly to prevent moisture from getting in.