What is Vibrantea Matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder, loaded with goodness.
Matcha is traditionally used as part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and has been a cultural tradition for over 1000 years. At VIBRANTEA, we only source the highest quality tea grown in the nutrient rich soil of Kyoto, Japan. The plants thrive amongst the rolling hills in the misty climate of warm days and cool nights.
Before harvest, VIBRANTEA matcha is carefully grown in the shade for twenty to thirty days. This time out of the sun increases the Theanine content in the leaves, an amino acid which results in a sweet and mellow taste. When brewed, the tea has a pure, vibrant green colour. Lower quality matcha is more yellow and the flavour is slightly bitter.  Beware of cheap imitations!
After harvest, the tea leaves are steamed, dried and ground with a stone mill.  This is what makes matcha special. Since it is ground into a powder and completely dissolved in water when brewed, you ingest the entire leaf and all of the nutrients.
Love the kick you get from coffee? No worries! VIBRANTEA matcha gives a jitter-free, sustained buzz through caffeine teamed with phytonutrients + antioxidants + amino acids. So say goodbye to that edgy coffee hit and say hello to VIBRANTEA.